What is Structured Cabling system?

June 19, 2015

What is a structured cabling system? A structured cabling system integrates the data, voice, video and other systems of a building such as security access and safety alarms by installing a set of cabling and associated hardware. It consists of connection interfaces, standard media and layout, total system design and installation while adhering to national and international standards.

No two structured cabling system is the same. Why? This is due to variations of the following components:

  • The purpose and function of the system;
  • The available cabling and connectivity products;
  • The structure of the building;
  • The equipment that will use the cabling system;
  • The warranties and guarantees of the manufacturer; and
  • Customer requirements.

Unique as each structured cabling system maybe, the methods of installation and maintenance are relatively standard, no matter how complex or simple the system is. The telecommunications cabling specification and standard in Australia has set the standards for the design, installation and maintenance of cabling systems. This has made possible the easy integration of various components, new and old, and has ensured proper cabling installations.

The benefits of these industry standards include:

  • Consistency
  • Compliance with the physical as well as transmission line requirements
  • Systematic documentation

A structured cabling system is not complete without the associated connectivity products. These connectors are crucial to the integrity of the telecommunications infrastructure than the cable itself, because they attach and align the media to a transmitter/receiver.

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