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Efficiency of LED versus Halogen Lights

May 20, 2015

Halogen became popular for a while, and for a number of good reasons. It’s cheap, with a 50W halogen costing only $2.50, and yet it produces a very bright light at zero warm up time. Small and lightweight, the halogen light made its way to hand-carried flashlights, motorcycles, and all types of vehicles. The incandescent light source also doesn’t contain mercury like fluorescent lamps do, but it lasts much longer than a standard incandescent lamp.

LED versus Halogen Lights

The arrival of light-emitting diode (LED) technology marked a new beginning in lighting preferences, which has caused people and all types of industries to switch to using LED lights. However, many people are not convinced to make the switch, mainly because LED is up to 6 times more expensive than halogen. A closer look at the efficiency of LED versus halogen lights reveals a startling conclusion that easily lays to rest any person’s or company’s budget concerns.

Cost per bulb

A 50W halogen bulb has a price tag of about $2.50. Its 5W LED equivalent will cost you around $16 for each bulb. However, it is worth noting that while halogen lights entail a cheaper initial cost, there are other factors that should be examined when assessing the efficiency of LED versus halogen. Electrical consumption and maintenance costs must also be taken into account.

Electrical Consumption

Whereas a 5W LED bulb consumes 125 kWh in 40,000 hours, a 50W halogen would take up 1,250 kWh – that’s 10 times more electricity! In that span of time, you would have spent $294 to keep the halogen bulb running compared to the $29 electricity cost for LED. This fact alone convinces people to make the switch from halogen to LED, to meet their lighting needs.

Maintenance Costs

Halogen light bulbs are at a huge disadvantage in regard to maintenance costs. Because of their limited life span, you have to replace these types of bulbs more often. Within 40,000 hours of use you will have to replace a 50W halogen bulb 12 times, which amounts to a total cost of $30 on bulb replacements. LED lights, on the other hand, have impressive life spans. In fact, you don’t have to replace a 5W bulb within the first 40,000 hours of use, amounting to zero maintenance cost.

In comparing the efficiency of LED versus halogen lights, the newer LED technology far exceeds expectation as a reliable lighting source. In a span of 40,000 hours, you would spend only $45 for every 5W LED bulb while a 50W halogen would cost you $326.50! LED is clearly more superior to halogen and an excellent option for your home fixtures and outside lighting needs.

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